Training across America.

This fall I decided to do my traveling a little different. I drove so much this past year that I thought it was time to give someone else the chance. Like a conductor on a train! I took Amtrak from Los Angeles to Chicago and after the Chicago Renegade Fair (and some serious down time) I left from there to Connecticut to visit my parents. What an amazing way to travel! I knew I would like it from the start! From the leisurely pace and the scenery that passes before you to the variety of people you meet and making reservations in the dining car, it was wonderful. I'm completely sold on doing it again, although maybe I will save up money for a sleeper car next time..... but hey isn't that half the fun!

Southwest Chief : Farewell LA
Southwest Chief : good morning New Mexico

Southwest Chief : Caboose view
Southwest Chief : Observation Car

Southwest Chief : Good morning Kansas City
Southwest Chief : Dining Car

Southwest Chief : Crossing the Mississippi
Southwest Chief : Hello Chicago
Lake Shore Limited : Good morning Amtrak
Lake Shore Limited : Leaving Chicago on the night train
Lake Shore Limited : Dining Car Hallway
Lake Shore Limited : Tall sunny Dining Car

Lake Shore Limited : Cafe Car stopped in upstate NY
Lake Shore Limited : Exit window view

Lake Shore Limited : Arriving in New England

All of these photos I just took on my iPhone4S using the Instagram or VSCO cam app.