Next National Park on my list : Glacier

This picture is perfect.

If you know me at all or have looked through any of my flickr photos, you would know that I have a thing for National Parks. Going to craft fairs throughout the country is a great excuse to see them all and I make sure to make every trip I go on an adventure to a new place. Next summer I will make sure to head up to Montana and hang out in Glacier. This photo is from Chris Peterson's 100 consecutive days in Glacier National Park during 2009. I couldn't image how amazing that must of been... you can check out his whole journey at the Glacier Park Magazine website. He did the project as a celebration of the park's 100 year anniversary and used a whole variety of cameras that are from the 100 year time period. 

I've also been dying to drive through this park specifically so I can recreate the drive from the opening scene of The Shining. Yes.